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The FT-2000/4 chip integrates four new generation high-performance FTC663 processor cores independently developed by Phytium. It adopts the out-of-order four-transmission superscalar pipeline and is compatible with the 64-bit ARMV8 instruction set. It supports the ARM64 and ARM32 execution modes, single-precision and double-precision floating-point operation instructions, ASIMD processing instructions and hardware virtualization. The FT-2000/4 enhances chip security at the hardware level, supports the processor PSPA independently defined by Phytium and meets the requirements for performance, security and credibility in more complex application scenarios. All safety-related modules of FT-2000/4 are independently designed by Phytium. The FT-2000/4 is the first domestic CPU to support the trusted computing 3.0 standard at CPU level. The product is suitable for building desktop terminals, portable terminals, lightweight servers and embedded low-power products with higher performance, energy consumption ratio and security requirements and supports commercial and industrial classifications.

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Technical specification

Category Parameters
Core Integrating four FTC663 processor cores
Main frequency 2.2、2.6GHz
L2 cache 4MB
L3 cache 4MB
On-chip memory Integrating 128KB on-chip memory
Memory controller Two DDR4 interfaces
PCIE interface Two x16 interfaces (each of which can be split into two x8 interfaces) and two x1 PCIE 3.0 interfaces
Network interface Two 10/100/1,000Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interfaces
Other interfaces One SD 2.0, four UARTs, 32 GPIOs, four I2Cs, one QSPI connected to Flash, two general-purpose SPIs, two WDTs and three CAN2.0s
Security technology Supporting PSPA security specification and security mechanism based on domain isolation and integrating ROM as trusted boot root
Low power consumption technology Supporting power off, clock off, DVFS, core off and frequency reduction operations
Typical power consumption 10W
Package FCBGA, with 1,144 pins


35mm x 35mm